Perforated window films

Create a One Way Vision effect


Tack Mount HIGH RESOLUTION stands out as a high-quality white-on-black perforated window film, boasting 40% transparency (60/40) for one-way vision graphics.  

What sets this one-way vision film apart is its 1mm diameter holes, which are much smaller in area compared to conventional one-way vision products. This breakthrough in micro-perforation results in exceptionally clear and sharp images when viewed from one side, while the other side offers a significantly improved see-through experience compared to other perforated films on the market.

Tack Mount HIGH RESOLUTION is versatile and can be used in all the typical applications where standard perforated film is employed. Moreover, it opens up possibilities in numerous settings that were previously overlooked. The refined texture and superior appearance of this film are sure to impress anyone who has ever questioned the image quality of perforated window films.

Upgrade your One-Way vision graphics with Tack Mount HIGH RESOLUTION.

Better performance. Higher resolution.